In the digital world we live in access to the internet is a necessity. Regardless of the size of your business the ability to use the internet for a host of things like email, VoIP for calls, eCommerce, cloud software amongst many other things is fundamental.

We work alongside our customers to understand their needs and requirements, we can then recommend the best option for your business. HBT Communications offer a wide range of options from business broadband to dedicated lease lines.

With HBT Communications your business can:

  • Future proof your connectivity
  • Right type of connectivity fundamental for your business
  • Fundamental for your key applications working
  • Staff being able to work and communicate
  • Websites and cloud

Many businesses do not understand the negative impact of having connectivity which is not suitable for their needs? This can be due to a lack of understanding of what is available and that in some instances they can actually save money on their connectivity as it enables them to save money in other areas like cloud storage and VoIP telephony.

Why HBT?

  • Offer a wide range of internet options
  • Service desk available during working hours
  • Out of hours support
  • Work with leading aggregators so we can provide you with the best option for your business.